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Insuring a Food Truck in Ohio

With businesses across the state having to close their doors amidst the COVID-19 crisis, many restaurants are struggling to adapt and survive off take-out and delivery orders. Food trucks, however, can continue to operate normally. As people look to escape their homes for a bit and eat food some tasty food they don’t have to make themselves, food trucks have an opportunity to thrive.  In fact, due to their unique mobility and […]

Understanding the Differences Between Commercial and Personal Auto Insurance

Do you have a vehicle that you use for work in some capacity? You’ll want to make sure you have it ensured properly. A personal auto insurance policy might not be enough. In fact, work use could invalidate a personal plan. You can’t expect a business owner policy (BOP) to bridge the gap either.  While a BOP provides coverage […]

Business Owner’s Policy – When General Liability Insurance Isn’t Enough

Insurance is an important piece of running a business, regardless of your size. For small businesses with limited resources, it’s especially critical that you have proper liability coverage. Otherwise, causing a serious injury and/or getting sued could result in a crippling loss of funds.  Even if you’re under an LLC, you could be personally exposed to these types of risks. […]