With businesses across the state having to close their doors amidst the COVID-19 crisis, many restaurants are struggling to adapt and survive off take-out and delivery orders. Food trucks, however, can continue to operate normally. As people look to escape their homes for a bit and eat food some tasty food they don’t have to make themselves, food trucks have an opportunity to thrive. 

In fact, due to their unique mobility and quarantine friendly nature, food truck laws are being modified to allow more freedom. As of last week, food trucks are able to operate in rest areas across Ohio. With drive-throughs currently overflowing with vehicle traffic, food trucks are the perfect food stop for those passing by.  

Whether you currently have a food truck, or you’re looking to adapt your restaurant into a food truck, it’s very important that you have it fully and properly insured. A food truck falls into special territory, as it’s both a business vehicle and a business property.  

Here’s what you should know. 

What is Food Truck Insurance? 

Food truck insurance policies usually consist of multiple types of coverage designed to provide for the needs of food trucks, concession trucks, catering vehicles, ice cream trucks, etc. 

A food truck policy will include commercial auto coverage that handles the general automotive liabilities of the vehicle, including physical damage, collision, injury caused while driving, etc. It also covers the equipment and appliances within the vehicle. 

It does not, however, cover harm caused from the food service aspect. For this, you need general liability. This will handle situations such as someone becoming sick from your foodgetting burned by food or equipment, etc. The amount of coverage you need, as well as how much that coverage costs can vary depending on what type of food truck you are. 

If you’re working with hot surfaces, fryers, etc., it will likely be higher. 

You will probably need workers’ compensation to protect your employees as well. This covers medical fees, lost wages, etc.  

Making Sure You’re Properly Insured 

The best way to ensure you have all of your bases covered is to work with an insurance agent. At Link-Hellmuth, we’re well-versed in the commercial insurance industry. We’ll help you understand your options and shop around to different insurance providers, so you get the coverage you need for the best price available. 

For business and vehicle insurance needs in Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding communities, contact Link Hellmuth today!