Giving the Gift of Good Car Insurance

Despite what commercials try to tell us, giving a car as a gift for Christmas is a rare thing. After all, cars are a large commitment. Not only is there the upfront expense, but they come with on-going costs such as repairs, insurance, monthly payments, etc. In fact, Saturday Night Live recently parodied the idea of surprising someone with a new car for […]

Combatting Car Value Depreciation with Gap Insurance

Standard car insurance policies typically provide coverage for physical injuries, property damage, and other people’s vehicles. If you want coverage for your own car, you’ll need collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance provides coverage for your car should you hit another vehicle or an object such as a light pole. Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers damage from weather, […]

Adding Comprehensive Coverage to Your Car Insurance Policy

Today’s car insurance policies are fairly customizable. While the state of Ohio requires all car owners to have a minimal level of protection, it’s likely in your best interest to add additional coverage. If you’re leasing a vehicle, you will almost certainly be required to include add-ons such as collision and comprehensive coverage.  As we talked about in […]

Collision Coverage – What Does it Actually Cover and Do You Need It On Your Policy?

Car insurance policies are highly customizable. Unfortunately, when people sign up for a policy by themselves, they often check whichever boxes keep their monthly cost the lowest. This can leave them seriously under covered. On the flip side, there are occasions where people actually sign up for more coverage than they need. Though less common, it is possible to be paying a high amount of […]

Insuring a Leased Vehicle

For some people, leasing a car can offer some distinct advantages. First and foremost, it comes with a much lower out of pocket expense. Additionally, the monthly payments on a lease tend to be lower than a traditional car loan payments. While you don’t get ownership of the vehicle, and you’ll have a cap on the miles you can drive, lease […]