Water Damage Vs. Flood Damage

Most homeowners may use the terms “flood damage” and “water damage” interchangeably. They may even be surprised to find out that these terms are actually two very different things. In your average everyday conversation, it isn’t a big deal, but in the world of home insurance, these two types of damage are very different.  Do […]

Do I Need Gap Insurance?

When it comes to Springfield, Ohio auto insurance there are a number of optional coverage additions that give you greater coverage in specific situations that may apply to you. One of these options is gap insurance.  Gap insurance helps you pay off your auto loan if your car is totaled or stolen and you owe […]

Auto Insurance Terms You Need to Know

Understanding any kind of insurance policy can feel complicated. As independent insurance agents, we understand that most of the people we serve don’t have the extensive knowledge of the insurance industry we do. For that reason, at Link Hellmuth Insurance we are intentional to thoroughly explain all the insurance options available to you. Starting with […]