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Protect your house and your family with home insurance. At Link Hellmuth, we provide quality coverage and competitive rates, whether you’re a homeowner looking for home insurance in Springfield, Ohio or the farthest corners of the state. Contact us directly to get a quote or to discuss your options. We take a hands on approach, ensuring our customers are fully aware of what they’re receiving and how they’re protected.

And we help you save money in the process.

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Multi-Policy Discount
Bundle home with Auto, Boat, Life? Money saved!

Peace of Mind
Home equipped with alarm system? Money saved!

Newer Roof
Roof replaced in past 15 years? Money saved!

Going Green
Paperless billing, auto-pay? Money saved!

Newer Built Home
Home built in last 30 years? Money saved!

Claims Free
No prion losses in past 5 years? Money saved!

Loyal Homeowner
Had continuous insurance? Money saved!

Raise Your Deductible
Willing to raise your deductible? Money saved!

Fire Station Close By
Within 1 mile of a fire department? Money saved!

Several Quotes to Choose From

The home insurance industry is a competitive world out there, and we’re here to make your life easier. We’re an independent agency, meaning that we represent several different insurance companies, so we are able to “shop” your insurance. For home insurance in Springfield, Ohio and beyond, make sure you are really getting the RATES YOU DESERVE.

Dwelling Fire & Rental Properties

Do you own rental properties? One, two, or thirty homes? We know the importance of protecting your investment. Whether its supplemental income to you, or building your retirement fund, having the proper coverage to value on your property is important to us. Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value.. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

A Stress Free Claims Process

Claims happen when you least expect it. House fire, water in the basement, windstorm blows shingles off your roof, vandalism, loss of power, the possibilities for losses to your home can be endless. At Link-Hellmuth Insurance we understand this, we know that claims will happen. That’s why we are expertly prepared to handle your claim’s process. Not only are we personally here to oversee your claim’s recovery, we are all local. There’s no talking on the phone to someone out of state, no third-party claims company. We’re local, we’re experts, and  WE’RE IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

Vacant Property & Renovations

Whether its your personal residence, or an investment property you’re flipping, homes that are vacant can be difficult to insure. Fortunately, we have a niche market company that specializes in providing coverage on the property for the amount you purchased it for, plus an additional coverage amount for all of the equity you’re putting into the home with renovations and improvements. New flooring, new paint, new cabinets, gutting the interior, replacing the air conditioning, it all adds up. If you’re spending hard earned money on investment properties, make sure you have adequate coverage and are protecting the HOMES YOU’RE FLIPPING.

Home Insurance Springfield, Ohio

Flood & Earthquake
Did you know that Flood & Earthquake coverage is not included on your policy unless its specifically added.

homeowners insurance springfield ohio

Pet Medical Coverage
Our companies offer medical payment coverage for your Dog or Cat if they have an illness or have been injured.


Water Backup
Nobody wants to come home to their basement full of water or sewage, make sure you’re covered.


Refrigerator Spoilage
Ever had the power go out and you lost all of the food in your fridge? Food spoilage coverage is a real thing.

Condominium Owners

Whether you’re a new young family starting out or an older couple downsizing, condos are a popular and convenient way to live. Never having to cut your grass, community pool and fitness center, neighborhood snow removal, the list goes on and on why people are moving into condos. Perhaps one of the overlooked advantages of being a condo owner is the insurance aspect. Typically the condo association is responsible for the main structure of the building, so they will carry the bulk of the insurance weight. Depending on your bylaws, you are typically responsible for insuring everything from the drywall in. Most condo owners do not carry enough coverage to really replace the whole inside of the home; flooring, paint, cabinets, bathroom & kitchen fixtures. Don’t always assume the condo association will take care of your damages. Take ownership of your CONDO INSURANCE.

Manufactured & Mobile Homes

We have several companies that specialize in manufactured and mobile homes. We are able to tailor your Mobile Home Owner’s policy to fit your coverage needs and your budget needs. With quick and easy payment plans, we have designed a program that allows you to insure your home, all of your personal contents, and of course your liability coverage at an affordable price. If you have done major improvements or additions to your home recently, be sure that your insurance policy reflects that increase in value. Whether its a new roof, new siding, wood deck, remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, new windows, a patio awning, a wood burning stove, or a new carport, there’s a good chance these improvements have increased the overall value and rebuild cost of your home. We know you take pride in your Mobile Home, let us be the agency that takes pride in your MOBILE HOME INSURANCE.

Purchasing a New House Soon

Yes, buying a new home is fun, its exciting, but the purchase process can be stressful and very time consuming. We understand this, we know that people are always on the go, and that doesn’t slow down just because you’re buying a house. At Link Hellmuth, we make the insurance part of your new home as easy, accurate, and as streamlined as can be. Once you have approved your quote and signed the application, your work is done. We take care of contacting the mortgage loan officer, provide them with an Evidence of Insurance and Invoice for premium due, and they will then send directly to us your ESCROW PAYMENT.

Living the Farming Life

Did you know that whether you’re a hard working farmer who wakes up and hits the field before dawn or just a family who lives on several acres of land, that sometimes a Farm Owners Insurance policy may be a better route then your traditional Homeowners insurance policy. Items to be insured on a Farm policy are crops, your livestock, horses, feed, barns & outbuildings, machinery & tractors. If you’re a small family who just has a horse or two and the kids are in 4-H, Incidental Farm Liability coverage helps protect you in the event of an accident on your land. If your plan is to leave your farm or land to a family member as a legacy, make sure you are protecting it now in the present day, so that it is still here when it comes time to PASS IT ON.

Insuring Your Pool

Did you know that pool insurance is covered under your Homeowners policy? You should always have Property Damage & Liability Coverage for your backyard pool. Whether its a tree that fell and damaged your pool, or a swimming injury, your Homeowners Insurance policy with L-H HAS YOU COVERED.

Pool Safety Tips:

  • Never leave a child alone
  • Fence in your pool
  • Keep the water clean and clear
  • No diving or jumping in shallow water or by the pool walls
  • Know CPR
  • Teach your kids how to swim

Home Insurance for Springfield, Ohio and Beyond!

Whether you’re a homeowner in Springfield, Ohio, you have a mobile home or condo, or you’re currently renting a place to live, there’s a perfect insurance plan for you. Let us do the work for you. Contact Link Hellmuth today and you can relax knowing that you and your home will be taken care of!