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Make sure you're properly covered when on your motorcycle. In a motorcycle accident, things can go wrong very quickly. With Link-Hellmuth, you can ride with confidence knowing you're protected by the best motorcycle insurance in Springfield, OH.

Quality Motorcycle Insurance, Springfield, Ohio and Beyond!

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At Link-Hellmuth Insurance, we are honored to be an Independent Insurance Agency representing the top motorcycle insurance company: Progressive Insurance!

With Progressive, we are able to offer you Full Replacement Cost on bikes with no depreciation, OEM replacement parts, accessories and custom parts coverage, and of course trip interruption coverage. Here's what you have access to:

Full Replacement Cost & OEM Parts

You know when people say as soon as you drive your brand new car off the lot.. it loses value instantly? Well the same is true with motorcycles. We understand how important a bike is to it's owner! That's why we offer Full Replacement Cost on bikes that are less than one year old. Lets say you purchased your bike for $12,000, but its now only valued at $10,000 and it's totaled, and the newest version costs $12,000, we're going to pay to replace the bike at the $12,000. If you have OEM parts on your bike, and they are damaged.. we are going to use OEM parts to repair or replace the damaged parts. Same if they are custom, whichever it was that you lost or damaged, then that's exactly what is going BACK ON YOUR BIKE!

Roadside Assistance & Trip Interruption

Whether you are just a few miles from home, or on a trip across country.. having Roadside Assistance coverage when you're stuck on the side of the road will bring you peace of mind. No matter the age of your bike, or the distance you are from your home.. Emergency Roadside Assistance is always available for you to purchase on your policy. With Trip Interruption coverage.. if you break down while on a trip, it will provide for you up to $500 for food and lodging expenses while your bike is either being fixed or towed back home. When Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption coverage only costs you $20.00 a year..


Accessory Coverage

With Progressive, we'll automatically include up to $3,000 in custom accessory (Helmets, Leathers, Gloves, Saddle Bags, ect.) coverage for your bike if lost, damaged, or stolen. Higher coverage is also available if requested.

Carried Contents

If you're carrying personal property (Phones, Clothes, Camping or Hunting Gear, ect.) on your bike and its lost, damaged, or stolen.. it will be covered.

Disappearing Deductibles

For every policy term that you do not have a claim.. your deductible will decrease 25%, until it's $0. However if you have a claim, it will return to the original amount.
Medical Payments
If you or a passenger is injured in an accident, Medical Payments coverage will pay for your medical bills up to the selected limit, regardless of who's at fault.

Enhanced Injury Protection

Lets say you were in an accident and can't work for an extended amount of time.. coverage is available for you to purchase that would pay you $250 a week for up to two years. If you're in a fatal accident, a $25,000 beneficiary payout is also available to you to purchase.

Uninsured & Underinsured Protection

If someone hits you and they were at fault, and they were not carrying insurance, then Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist will cover your medical expenses to a selected limit.

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Make Riding Safe a Priority

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wear protective clothing, leather, boots, and gloves
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Be a defensive driver, always alert of your surroundings
  • Take a safety course
  • Don't drive drunk, or buzzed
  • Check for oil leaks, low tires before riding
  • Don't ride between lanes of traffic
  • Use your turn signals
  • Avoid bad weather

How to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Multi-Policy Discount
Bundle your bike policy with your Home and save big time!

Safety Course
Show us your certificate of class completion and save!

One Single Payment
Pay your premium in full for the year and save!

LoJack Device

Have LoJack installed on your bike and save!

Be a Good Driver
If your record is clean, then your premium will reflect that!

Get the Protection You Need for a Price You Can Afford

Contact us today to discuss your options for motorcycle insurance in Springfield, Ohio and beyond. We'll worry about policy shopping and busywork so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Have another type of vehicle that needs insurance? We can help with that too!

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