Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance is initially the cheapest form of Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is a guaranteed level term with your choice of death benefit until age 65. Term Life Insurance is kind of like renting a life insurance policy, it’s eventually going to run out unless you die within the term period, which then the death benefit would be paid out to your beneficiaries. Term Life Insurance can be paid on a monthly or yearly payment plan, and is the most straightforward type of Life Insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is a way for you to lock in a level premium for your lifetime, providingĀ a guaranteed death benefit and cash value. With Whole Life, you build up a cash value along with always having your death benefit. This cash value is guaranteed and is always easily assessable to you if you are in a time of need while you are still alive. This cash value grows tax deferred. Whole Life Insurance is a great way to guarantee a death benefit to your family and have a growing investment in the cash value.

Transitional Life Insurance

Transitional Life Insurance is a hybrid life insurance policy of Term combined with Whole Life. It takes the best of both worlds, and puts it all together in one affordable policy for you. Term eventually runs out and is gone forever, even if you are still alive. It’s great that you had a Term policy and were protecting your family in the event of your early death, but what if you don’t die when that policy reaches the end of it’s term? Whole Life is exactly what it says, its for your whole life. So Transitional Life Insurance is a guaranteed higher death benefit during the years you need it most, and once that term is up, it converts to a lower, guaranteed, paid-up insurance amount that will be there for the rest of your life. Transitional Life Insurance will also build up cash value, often times the cash value will be much higher than what you even paid for your premium all those years.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Are you a grandparent, and have money set aside in a CD, or hidden in a coffee can somewhere in your house? Is this money that you plan to spend some day? Or is this money that you would like to pass on to someone special someday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than we have a product that allows you to protect your money, avoid negative tax implications, and immediately increase the amount of money you can leave to your family. The solution is Single Premium Whole Life Insurance. Single Premium Insurance will also accumulate cash value. Since you are only making one single payment that pays for the entire policy, your cash value will quickly build up to greater than what you originally paid for the policy. This is a win win policy; you have a guaranteed death benefit that is tax free, and cash value that builds up as an investment.