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What Renter’s Insurance Does (and Doesn’t) Cover

If you own and keep any amount of valuable items in a place you’re renting, you should strongly consider renter’s insurance. It’s highly affordable, providing great protection and peace of mind for a small monthly premium. That said, it doesn’t cover quite everything. As with any insurance policy, you should know what is and is not covered. Losing possessions is bad enough. Losing them and […]

Interesting Facts About Renter’s Insurance

If you’re starting on the process of considering renter’s insurance, you’ve probably seen how cost effective it can be and how much of a benefit it is. You’ve also probably read that your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your personal property. It’s the most basic fact, so we decided to gather other interesting facts about renter’s […]

What Types of Insurance Should I Have?

Insurance can feel like a paradox: it’s something you should definitely have but also hope you don’t have to use. The question is, what types of insurance should you actually have?  It can vary from person to person, but there are insurance policies almost everyone should have. In fact, some policies are legally required.  Insurance You Need to Have  If […]

Bundling Home and Car Insurance

Do you own or rent a home/condo/apartment? Do you have personal possessions? If you said yes to both of these questions, then you should definitely have home insurance. All it takes is one break-in, fire, or act of God, and everything you own can be gone. While insurance can’t replace sentimental items, it can compensate you for lost valuables and allow you to […]