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What A First Time Home Buyer Needs To Know About Home Insurance

First time home buyers are usually tackling many “firsts” all at once. First time taking out a mortgage, first time buying new furniture, first time paying property taxes, and first time needing home insurance.  The list of “first” can feel overwhelming, especially if you feel unprepared or unqualified to tackle them. We often see first […]

Home Insurance and Weather Related Claims

This spring, tornadoes and other severe storms have been sweeping across the country. This has left many communities and families left to pick up the rubble left in their wake. Luckily, those with homeowners insurance are able to receive financial help and resources when putting their homes back together and repairing damage.  Some homeowners, however, […]

What Renter’s Insurance Does (and Doesn’t) Cover

If you own and keep any amount of valuable items in a place you’re renting, you should strongly consider renter’s insurance. It’s highly affordable, providing great protection and peace of mind for a small monthly premium. That said, it doesn’t cover quite everything. As with any insurance policy, you should know what is and is not covered. Losing possessions is bad enough. Losing them and […]