As society has become more health-conscious in recent years, the demand for personal trainers has risen. Becoming a personal trainer is a great way to help others achieve their personal goals while also keeping yourself in great shape. 

As with any business, however, it’s important that you’re protected against accidents and lawsuits. This is where business insurance comes into play. 

Even if you’re just doing it on the side, providing physical training and guidance in exchange for money creates liability. Should something go wrong, you will be at fault. The human body can be very sensitive, especially when pushed in new ways. Even with the proper training and instruction, injuries and accidents can take place. 

If you are handling the personal fitness and wellness of another human being, you need insurance. 

What Type of Insurance Do I Need? 

The specific coverage you need can vary depending on your situation. If you are a personal trainer that operates as an official employee of a larger facility or brand, then it is their responsibility to handle insurance, as they are liable for things that you do.  

If you are training independently, however, you are responsible. Even if you are utilizing someone else’s facility, you need protection for the work you’re doing. 

At the very least, you will want to have a general liability policy. This will protect you from accidents, lawsuits, and typical mishaps. All it takes is for a weight to slip off a bar or someone to trip over a piece of equipment, and you could be facing thousands of dollars in injury expenses. 

You may also want professional liability insurance. A professional liability policy protects against claims that your guidance and training (or lack thereof) resulted in a client becoming injured. Not only does it cover the medical costs, but it can cover lost wages as well. 

Do You Have a Facility? 

Many personal trainers operate out of other gyms, homes, or even outdoors. If you have your own facility, however, you’ll need further coverage for that. In many cases, a “business owner’s policy” (BOP) can bundle general liability with property coverage and more. This simplifies your policy setup while often reducing cost. 

If you have employees, you’ll want workers’ comp as well. 

Creating a Personal Trainer Policy That’s Right for You 

When it comes to setting up business insurance, it’s best to work with an experienced insurance agent. A commercial insurance agent helps to make sure you have the coverage you need. They also look at different insurance providers, as well as different bundle options so that you end up paying less. 

There’s really no reason to not use an insurance agent. For a reliable business insurance agent in Springfield, Ohio, contact the offices of Link-Hellmuth today!