When searching for any kind of insurance, whether it be home, auto, renters, business or more, it is important to first find an insurance agent to help you along the way.

Why Do You Need an Insurance Agent?

The world of insurance is vast. Paperwork is technical and confusing, Companies offer a multitude of plans at many different prices, and actual coverage can vary greatly.

With something as important as insurance, you don’t want to skip any steps or get lost in the process.

This is where an insurance agent comes into play. Insurance Agents are experts in their fields and spend their days understanding paperwork, comparing pricing, and analyzing coverage options. When you work with an insurance agent all of this expertise and knowledge gets passed on to you to ensure you are receiving the best coverage at the best price.

Now, when you start your search for an insurance agent you may come across a distinction between two different types of insurance agents. That includes captive agents and independent agents.

Why You Should Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

Let’s look at the difference between captive and independent insurance agents. Captive agents are agents that work for one insurance provider, and that’s it. For example a state farm captive agent is only going to help you set up a state farm insurance policy.

An independent insurance agent, however, is not tied to any one insurance provider. They will be able to get you set up with an insurance plan with any company based on your individual needs.

There are a lot of benefits to working with an independent Insurance Agent.

Personalized Service

Independent insurance agents are usually a part of small Insurance companies that focus less on meeting quotas and more on meeting the needs of their clients. They tend to be more responsive and available. With an independent insurance agent you will likely work with the same agent on an ongoing basis, which only allows them to serve your needs better as you get to know each other.

More Insurance Options

While the personal touch of an independent insurance agent will make a part of your insurance process much more enjoyable, the greatest benefit is the significantly more insurance plans you will have to choose from. Not being locked in to one insurance company will open you up to a world of different coverage options at different price points.

An independent Insurance agent is highly talented in hearing the needs of their clients and fishing through the sea of policies to see what best fits your insurance needs.

Link-Hellmuth Insurance Agents

Link-Hellmuth insurance agents are all independent agents with no allegiance to one insurance provider over another. We prioritize meeting your insurance needs, while getting you the best deal possible over anything else.

We are honored that you would trust us with something as important as home, business, renters or car insurance around Springfield, Ohio and do our best everyday to serve you well!