When you move into a rental property you will most likely either receive the advice that you need to purchase renters insurance, or it may required by the property owner. You might wonder, do I really need renters insurance? If so, why? We are here to let you know that yes, you do need renters insurance!

And here’s why.

Many renters assume their property owner will have an insurance plan that will cover them in case of any kind of emergency situation. This is not true. A property owner will have an insurance plan that will only cover damage to the actually building.

This will leave all your possessions, electronics, furniture, and clothing completely unprotected in the case of theft, fire, or any kind of damage. These items will only be protected if you have your own renters insurance plan.

What will be covered?

Renters insurance will cover your personal property up to a certain amount specified in your individual plan. You may not think you have many valuable items, but you will be surprised how fast your possessions may add up to be quite valuable. Your possessions will be covered for any damage from factors beyond your control.

Renters insurance can also cover your living expenses should your rental property become unlivable. This could be due to a fire, flood, or natural disaster. Loss of use coverage will cover your living expenses until you are able to return to your rental property safely.

Renters insurance can also cover your for liability. Any bodily injury or damage done due to negligence may be covered. This could include if someone gets hurt on your property or your dog bites a neighbor.

Liability coverage will also protect you if damage has been done to neighboring properties. If your sink overflows and causes damage in the unit below you, you will be covered.

How do I get coverage?

Getting coverage is easy and affordable. Link-Hellmuth insurance agents are experts in finding you the best coverage at the best rate. If after reading this, you have realized you need to be looking for renters insurance around Springfield, Ohio, our agents are ready to find you the coverage you need!