If you own a car, you are legally obligated to have car insurance. If you own multiple cars, you must have car insurance on each one. Because of this, the car insurance industry is huge, as the demand is high.

Everyone who owns a car is automatically in the market for car insurance. With so many options out there for coverage, it can be overwhelming for car owners to choose an insurance company. If you’re not careful, you could end up paying too much or getting poor coverage for your car insurance.

Those shopping for car insurance should be sure to be knowledgeable in what they are looking for. You should always check with a few insurance companies to compare premium prices and coverage.

Insurance shoppers should be aware of how their premium will be calculated by each company. There are a few factors that will most likely be considered to calculate your premium cost.

Your driving history

Any insurance company will first look at your driving history. They will evaluate your claim history and driving record, usually within the past three years. A clean record will translate into a lower premium. If your record is filled with accidents and traffic violations you will be seen as a higher risk, which means your premium will be higher.

This is why it pays to be a safe driver. Next time you’re speeding, remember not only will you pay for your speeding ticket, but you could be paying an increased premium for the next three years, so slow down!

Type of coverage

There are different levels of insurance coverage for your car. Most commonly you will see either just liability or full coverage insurance. Liability will cover damage you do to others cars on the road and full coverage will also cover damage to your car.

Liability insurance is the base level of insurance required in most states. Full coverage will be a higher premium but will give you better coverage in the event of an accident.   

Other Factors

The reason premium rates can feel so abstract at times is the others factors car insurance companies look at. These factors will vary based on your personal situation and include your age, the type of car you drive, and where you live.

Insurance companies are in the business of analyzing risk. They use your age, neighborhood,  type of car, and other factors to determine your level of risk, which will then determine your premium rate.

When shopping for car insurance around Springfield Ohio, it’s important to find a company and insurance agent you trust. At Link-Hellmuth insurance, we will walk you through the process of finding the best coverage at the best price.

We are always happy to walk you through all that is taken into consideration to determine your individual premium rate. It is important to us that you walk away feeling good about your coverage and price!