Life insurance is one of those things that everyone knows they should have, but it can be intimidating to purchase. You may find when you go to select a life insurance policy that there are a number of different types.

One of their first questions people have when selecting life insurance is whether or not they should have a term or whole life insurance policy. Below, we highlight some of the top benefits of having a term life insurance policy.

Affordable coverage

Term life insurance will often be the most affordable life insurance policy option. Since term life insurance is coverage for a specified period of time, insurance companies can offer cheaper premiums.

This means that for your specified term, you can get really great life insurance coverage for a fairly low price.  In comparison, whole life policies will be much more expensive because companies will have to pay out no matter what.


Term life insurance provides flexibility for policy holders. Options range anywhere from one year to thirty years of coverage. This gives you and your family the flexibility to be covered for any period of time or life circumstance you see necessary. As obligations such as mortgage and college tuition change in your life, so will your life insurance needs.

A good fit earlier in life

Term life insurance plans are especially popular and beneficial for those earlier in life or young families. As you are starting off, you may feel more financially stressed or burdened. Having a term life insurance policies offer young families the peace of mind until they are more established financially and possibly no longer need a policy by the time their term expires.

Easy to understand

Term life insurance is simple and easy to understand. When looking for life insurance all you need to decide is which company you would like to work with, the length of coverage, and the coverage amount.
The insurance world can be confusing to navigate, which is where our insurance agents at Link-Hellmuth come in handy. For term life insurance near Springfield, Ohio our agents can walk you through the simplicity of your policy options to select the best option for you and your family!