You just signed the lease of your new apartment and couldn’t be more excited! You scored a unit with tons of natural light and the best location in town. You have been dreaming of how you will style it, the guests you will entertain, and the memories you will make when reality hits:

It’s moving day.

You have no idea how you accumulated so much stuff, but you soon regret it as you carry box after box after box up the 3 flights of stairs to your well-lit apartment. Before you get to the fun of decorating and hosting, you need to know there is a whole list of important things you must check off. Read on to make sure you are completing your move-in checklist.

Make sure you have the essentials

While big items like your bed, couch, and clothing can be easy to remember, there are a lot of smaller items that are just as essential to your daily life. Make sure you have any necessary cleaning supplies and don’t be afraid to use it on moving day. It will feel good to start with a clean slate.

Have a pen and notepad open and ready as your begin to move your items in. You will quickly discover important items that somehow slipped your mind. Some commonly forgotten items include: Trash can and trash bags, toilet paper, batteries, light bulbs, extension cords, small tool kit, dish soap, and any other organizational tools. Trust us your list will begin to grow as your continue to move in.

We’d like to specifically stress toilet paper as one of the first things you move into your new place. Both you and anyone helping you move will greatly appreciate it.

Inspect the condition upon moving in

This will be one of the most important steps in the move-in process. Make sure you do it before you get into the full moving and unpacking process. Your landlord may provide you with a form that allows you to inspect the condition of your apartment on move in day. If your landlord doesn’t provide you with this form, create one of your own and send them a copy. Taking pictures of damaged areas is never a bad idea. This will prevent you from being charged for any damage that was already there.

Do a grocery store run

We’d recommend waiting till after you’re in your new place with a working fridge before you hit the grocery store. Once you’re in, however, you’re going to need some things. It’s time to visit your new local grocery store.

While you may not have time to fill your fridge and cupboards, grabbing a few essentials will be beneficial to get you started. We suggest taking time to think about some of the items you always like to have on hand such as condiments, frozen foods, and the everyday items like milk and bread.

Set up utilities & renters insurance

This is also a step that should be done right away, if not, before you move in. You will want to have electricity, water, and internet set up by the time you move in. This will ensure you will be able to plug in your TV and take a warm shower after a hard day of moving.

Additionally, many landlords will ask for proof of renters insurance upon your arrival. If they do not require renter insurance it is still very important to have. Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings or property damage done by you. Luckily, renters insurance in Springfield, Ohio is one of the most affordable insurance policies you can have.

Have fun

Now it is time for you to have fun. The hard work is over and your day dreams can become a reality. After your checklist is completed, add your own personal style and decorations to your spaces. Invite friends over and start creating memories in your new place!