Buying a new home can be overwhelming whether you are a first time homebuyer or not. The process is time consuming from your first meeting with your realtor to your last.

If you have any experience buying a home, you know that last meeting of the closing process can be very exciting as all the details come together. You will leave relieved, satisfied, and excited as you now own a new home.

But before you close and officially become a new home owner, there are many to-dos you need to check off your list. We have gathered a few key reminders for your to-do list before you can get your new house keys.

Pre-Approval & Final Approval

To speed up the process of closing on a home, you will want to make sure you get pre-approval from a mortgage lender as you are looking at homes. This pre-approval will help you set a budget for your new home and assures you can act fast when you find the perfect home.

Know that there will be a final approval process for your new home before you call it yours. Again, being pre-approved will speed up this process!

Keep Bank Accounts Stable

Practice caution in your finances when in the process of buying and closing on a new home. The bank and mortgage lender will be alerted by any abnormal activity or large money transfers. Avoid starting a new job in the middle of your home buying process as this could create additional paperwork.

Keep this up until the home is officially yours, the lender will most likely go through the final approval process just before closing.

Verify Contingencies

Having a great realtor will help make this process a little smoother. Make sure you understand and have read any document you sign. Ask your realtor or lender to explain any documents that don’t make sense to you.

Be thorough in making sure all contingencies have been met. Contingencies are agreements made between buyer and seller. One example of a contingency is a home inspection contingency. This is where as the buyer,  you have the right to back out of a sale if anything alarming is found upon inspection.

Homeowners Insurance

Sometimes buyers are surprised when they find out they will need to acquire homeowners insurance BEFORE closing. This assures your lenders your home will be protected.  

Link-Hellmuth makes this process easy for homebuyers. When you acquire homeowners insurance in Springfield, Ohio with the help of our experienced agents, we take care of contacting your mortgage loan officer, provide them with an evidence of insurance and invoice for premium due.

As you make your way through the process of buying a new home, let Link-Hellmuth cross one thing off your list. You will be holding your new house keys in no time!