Are you in the market for purchasing a life insurance policy? If the answer is no, hopefully it’s because you already have a policy. If you don’t already have a life insurance policy, then you should begin looking into your options for one today!

We say you should start looking today because when it comes to life insurance policies, the sooner you purchase one, meaning the younger you are, the cheaper it will be.

When you begin the process of getting a life insurance policy you will see you have two main types of policies to choose from, either whole life or term life insurance. 

Whole life insurance is a policy that will cover you for your whole life. Sounds pretty self explanatory, right?

Term life is also just as it sounds. It is an insurance policy that covers you for part (or a term) of your life. Until you turn 65 to be exact. Some may wonder, why would you want a term life insurance policy? Isn’t the point of life insurance to cover you for your whole life? 

Well the simple answer is that those with a term life insurance policy have a goal to be able to have enough money saved or invested by the time they turn 65, that they would no longer need a life insurance policy.

This is an excellent goal and many whole purchase term life insurance policies are able to achieve this goal. 

You may be far from turning 65, but there are few things you can start doing today to help you set yourself up for success with a term life insurance policy. 

Pay off your debts

The first step to saving and investing is to pay off your debts. When you pass away, there are many debts that could be passed on to your loved ones, this is something life insurance usually helps cover. 

Start paying off your debts early and try not to accumulate much debt as you age. This will help you save and protect your family if you have a term life insurance policy.

Find a trusted financial advisor

A financial advisor can help you make money decisions that will help you plan for your future. If they know you have term life insurance policy they can help you start to make choices today that will help you be covered in the future. 

Start investing

This is something your financial advisor will help you do as well. Investments will help you accumulate enough money throughout your life to know that your loved ones will be covered and unburdened should you pass away after your term policy is over.

There are many things you can be doing today to be sure you and your family, or future family, are covered years from now. Purchasing term life insurance near Springfield Ohio should be first on that list! Our agents at Link-Hellmuth Insurance are happy to help you select the right policy at the right