Every year the cold winter temperatures, harsh winds, and big snow falls inevitably grace us with their presence whether we are ready or not. These natural elements can be fun when your sledding, ice skating, or enjoying a cozy fire in your home. These elements are not so fun, however, when they make the roads icy and dangerous and they pose as a major threat to your home.

When it comes to winter weather, your home can be at risk from the harsh conditions outside and our behaviours and habits inside. 

Being aware of these threats can help you avoid them this winter season.  


The weather outside can greatly affect the plumbing inside your home. The heating system within your home is there not only for your own personal comfort and warmth but it also protects many aspects of your home. 

Your plumbing system, for example, is at risk of freezing if you allow your home to get too cold. A frozen plumbing system will result in burst pipes, flooding within your home, and a lot of damage for you to deal with. 

Candles & Heating

While a cozy candle lit dinner or evening by the fire may be relaxing, these behaviours introduce many opportunities for disaster within your home. If not monitored or controlled responsibly a fire within your fireplace or an unattended candle can turn into a whole house fire in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, if your heating system isn’t properly cared for, kept clean and clear of flammable items, it could also lead to disaster within your home. 

Home Exterior

The exterior of your home is obviously at risk during winter conditions. Be sure your gutters are cleaned out of leaves and any other debris before the winter season. This will prevent water and ice from building up which can lead to ice melt leaking into your home. Ice dams or weak spots within your food can also lead to leaks and home damage when the snow melts.

Be sure to also take care of your yard before the winter season starts. A winter storm can just as easily knocked down trees or dead limbs as a summer storm can. 
Unfortunately, your home is really at risk no matter what season it is. This is why home insurance is a necessity no matter what climate you live in and what time of year it is. For home insurance around Springfield, Ohio Link Hellmuth has agents ready and available to help you find the best coverage at the best price for you!