If your a business owner, chances are this is the time of year you may be considering taking some time off. Whether your business is big or small, if you have the ability to give yourself and your staff some much needed rest, you are going to do so for the Holidays. 

The Holiday season offers everyone many chances to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Many business owners choose to close their businesses down on certain holidays to give their employees the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with their family and friends and not have to worry about coming into work.

If your business has a brick and mortar location that you are able to close for the Holidays, as wonderful as that is for yourself and your employees, it does put you at risk. A dark office building or bright sign on the door reading “closed” unfortunately, makes your business a target for break-ins and theft.

Just as homes can be more vulnerable to theft around the holidays as people travel near and far, your business is also vulnerable when you are closed down for the Holidays. 

We are certainly not saying you should not take the time off for the holidays, but we do have a few tips to help protect your business on those days it might be at greater risk of theft.

Leave the lights on

When your shutting down your business for the holidays don’t leave your storefront or office completely dark. Leaving a few lights on will prevent your business from looking obviously closed.

Consider your signage

Depending on your business you may want to skip having any signage saying your business is closed. Nothing will catch the eye of a potential thief like a big neon closed sign. 

Have adequate security

Be sure your business is properly protected for days that you are away. Make sure all doors have strong, functioning locks. Even more importantly, be sure to lock them. Also, consider investing in a security system, this will help deter any potential break ins.

Purchase insurance coverage

When all else fails, if you have business property insurance you will be able to rest easy and celebrate the holidays worry free. Business insurance around Springfield Ohio will help you, the business owner, know that even when you are away, your business is protected, no matter what may happen!