Homeowner’s insurance is something all homeowners know they should have and most just factor into the many costs that go into owning a home. Did you know, however, that there are aspects of your home that could save you money on your homeowners insurance or even some factors that might make it cost a little more?

With that in mind, it is something to consider when searching for a new home or even making renovations to your current home. What can you do or look for in a home to save money and what might cost you a little extra?

The Age of The Home

While this factor is completely out of your hands, it is something to consider when house hunting. An older home will generally cost a little more to insure than a brand new home. This is mostly because the wear a house receives over time can make it more susceptible to damage and outdated construction, mechanicals, or appliances can be high risk to insure.

Bodies of Water

The proximity of your home to a larger body of water such as lakes, ponds, and oceans can cause your insurance to increase slightly. Water can be unpredictable and hard to control causing damage to your home, adding more risk to insure.

Proximity to Fire Stations or Fire Hydrants

If you find a home close to a fire station or have a fire hydrant outside your home it can actually save you money on your homeowners insurance. In the event of a fire, the ability for firefighters to act quickly can save you money in addition to the added safety for your family!

Features Within the Home

There are select features within a home that can cause your homeowners insurance to increase or decrease. Having a home security system can decrease your homeowners insurance payment as well as a new roof and updated mechanicals.

If your home has a pool or hot tub or large trees in close proximity, while these things are nice, they may increase your rates.

As you can see, your homeowners insurance rates will fluctuate based on many different factors about your home. You may drive yourself crazy trying to account for every little thing that may affect it. When considering a home to buy, however, knowing some major factors that could affect your rates can be helpful. For the most accurate estimates and best rates for homeowners insurance in the area of Springfield, Ohio, Link-Hellmuth agents can help you save money and protect your new home!