In the past year or so, home has taken on a new meaning for many individuals or families. No matter what your home may look like or who you live with, chances are you have spent more time there recently than you may have planned or even desired.

Between the extended periods of time we have all spent at home and the popularity of HGTV and even home design shared on social media, it seems everyone is catching inspiration to personalize and design their homes to their unique taste and personalities.

For the 44.1 million Americans who are currently renting a home or apartment, making where they live feel like their own personalized home can be challenging. Renting can bring about limits and barriers to what you can do within a particular space.

As a renter, you want to respect the property you are living in, follow the guidelines you agreed to in your lease, and be sure you get your damage deposit back.

Here are a few fun and easy ways you can customize your rental space without causing any lasting damage or permanently altering anything.

Wall Décor Without a Hammer or Glue

One of the quickest and easiest ways to personalize your rental home is to fill the blank walls around you. From wall paper to DIY millwork to framed artwork, there are many different ways you may be tempted to cover your walls with personality. Before you grab the hammer and nail or messy wallpaper glue, know that there are less permanent and damaging ways to get the same effect.

When it comes to hanging décor on your wall, instead of nails or screws look for 3M brand strips or other removable adhesive hooks and wall mounting systems. Today, you can find what you need to hold up to 20 or 30 pounds in an easy to remove, damage free, wall adhesive.

While some landlords may let you paint, it can be a pain to repaint before you move out, and you definitely don’t want to mess around with messy wall paper glue. Luckily, there are easy to install adhesive wall paper options out there that require no glue at all. Patterned wallpaper can make a huge impact on a room and a removable brand wont make a lasting impact on the walls underneath.

Cover the Floors

Floors can become a real eyesore in rental properties. Of course, you aren’t going to invest the money in installing new carpet or flooring in a property you don’t own, so what can you do? Fun, colorful, stylish rugs are going to be your best bet to add personality to your home, cover up unsightly floors, and even protect floors from further damage. This could save you money on your damage deposit in the long run. You can even find washable rugs today for an easy maintenance floor option.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where a lot of people dream big of what they would change in a rental property. There are so many little details that may go into personalizing a kitchen to your taste and needs. Many times a rental kitchen won’t be the most updated and goes through a lot of wear and tear as it tends to be the most used space in any house. So how can you make a rental kitchen your own?

Again, think adhesive. From removable backsplash tiles, to laminate cabinet covers, to stainless steel adhesive created for appliances, there are cost efficient and rental friendly options to temporarily update any part of your kitchen!

Protect Your Belongings

Ultimately the appearance of your rental home is something that will be truly unique to you and your taste and the needs of your family. The importance of each of these areas will vary from person to person in what they need to feel comfortable and cozy in their home.

What should be important for everyone, in the comfort of their home, is whether or not they have renters insurance. If you really are seeking to breathe deep and relax in your rental home, the best way to do this is to be sure you have adequate renters insurance. Knowing your property, belongings, and wallet are covered is what will truly make your house or apartment feel like a home!

To find out exactly what kind of coverage is best for your unique renting situation, contact our agents at Link- Hellmuth Insurance to get set up with renters insurance in the Springfield, Ohio area and beyond!