Whether or not you own the place you’re living in, it’s still “home” for you. If that place becomes damaged or lost due to fire, it’s a frightening and difficult situation. For renters, it can be especially confusing. Many people aren’t certain what they’re responsible for and what their landlord is responsible for.  

When it comes to your personal possessions, you are likely responsible. Your landlord’s or apartment complex’s insurance will not cover your electronics, furniture, clothing, or any other personal propertyThough there can be exceptions where the landlord is responsible for possession loss due to negligence, this is not the norm.  

This is why every renter should have renter’s insurance 

If you’ve lost possessions due to a fire in your home, you will definitely want to contact your insurance provider as soon as you’re able to. But that’s not the only action you’ll need to take. 

What to Do After a Fire 

Of course, the first action you should take in any fire situation is to get you and your family/roommates to safety. Next, you should contact the fire department. Once that’s been taken care of you, you should reach out to your landlord. If you live in a large apartment complex, someone has likely been notified. In the case of home rental or smaller apartment setups, you may need to reach out directly. 

They’ll almost certainly want to know, even if it’s the middle of the night. 

Additionally, you will need to discuss what the situation looks like moving forward. If the place has become unlivable, you should have the right to terminate your lease. If you’re in need of temporary housing, the landlord may help provide accommodations for a few nights. Alternatively, your own renter’s insurance policy will likely cover temporary relocation expenses.  

After at least attempting to contact your landlord, you should reach out to your insurance provider and update them on the situation. Before you can receive reimbursement, you will need to make a list of everything that was lost or damaged. This can be a difficult process, but it’s very important that you are as detailed and thorough as possible.  

Make Sure You’re Protected Against a Fire 

Not having proper coverage can make a bad situation much worse. The last thing you want is to lose all of your possessions in a fire and then discover you don’t have insurance to pay for the loss. There is often no amount of money that can replace personal items and keepsakes, but financial compensation can help make the most out of an otherwise horrible ordeal. 

If you’re currently renting a place to live, make sure you have quality coverage at a price you can afford. 

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