The answer is yes! In today’s day and age you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting what you have worked hard for, which includes your small business.

Like most things involving insurance policies, business insurance can be kind of confusing and overwhelming. You want to be sure you are selecting the best coverage and getting the best rates for your business.

There are a few different insurance options for your small business.

Protecting your business with general liability insurance

Liability insurance is something pretty much all businesses need today. We live in a world where lawsuits are so prevalent, especially if there is a physical injury or property damage resulting from your business.

A gym or fitness studio is a great example of a business that needs general liability insurance. With so many people coming in and out of your business using your equipment to train, chances are pretty high someone could tweak their back or get hurt. General liability insurance would have you covered.

But it’s not just fitness studios or businesses with high risk of injury that need general liability insurance. You could own a small boutique and have a customer slip on a spill or be a landscaper who has a rock go through a client’s window.

Unfortunately, there is no business that is immune to accidents, so general liability insurance is very important for every business owner to have.

Protecting your business with commercial property insurance

Another important policy to have is a commercial property insurance policy. This can cover a lot more than just the building or space you work out of.

In addition to covering your physical building, commercial property insurance can also cover business & office equipment, your inventory, any inside or outside signs, business furniture, fences or Security System, landscaping at Your Business, and Computers.

Chances are, purchasing the above items have been a big investment for your small business, be sure to protect that investment and your hard work.

How about both?

For a small business owner having both general liability insurance and commercial property insurance are really important. That’s why the business owner insurance policy (BOP) was created. The BOP Combines both types of  business insurance in springfield, Ohio into one package and allows for additional policies to be added and tailored to your specific business needs.

The best way to create a personalized package for your business is to consult an insurance agent. Link-Hellmuth Insurance agents are very knowledgeable about all things insurance and have the same goal as you, getting your small business the best coverage at the best price.