Insurance is what helps us feel secure when we have risk in our lives. If you own a home you automatically have a risk of it being damaged in a flood or fire, so you get home insurance. If you own a business you automatically have a risk of someone slipping on a spill, so you get liability insurance.

One of the riskiest things most people do everyday is drive a car, which makes car insurance a very important thing to have. In fact, most states require it.

Car insurance is unique because many households have more than one or two cars, and you need to be sure each car is covered. With so many insurance companies around, it can be difficult to find that works best for your needs.

A lot factors into the cost of insurance, which means the best company for one person might not be the same as someone else.

The good news is, you don’t have to shop for car insurance on your own. Link Hellmuth insurance would love to help you find the cheapest way to make sure all your vehicles are covered at a price you can afford.

What’s the most cost efficient way to insure multiple vehicles?

A multi-car insurance policy of course!

Insuring both or all of your cars together under one policy will be cheaper than insuring them separately. Insurance providers want to reward you for continuing use of their services for all your insurance needs. They do this by giving cheaper rates to those who bundle.

For cheap car insurance in Springfield, Ohio our agents will search through multiple policies to find you the best deal on a multi-car insurance policy.

Some insurance providers may have a few qualifications you must meet in order to get a multi-car policy. Here are some questions your insurance agent might ask.

  • Are all of your vehicles parked or garaged at the same home or location?
  • Do you own any commercial vehicles or motorcycles?
  • Are you needing liability coverage or storage coverage?
  • Are all vehicles owned by the same driver?

Depending on your answers to the previous questions, most insurance companies will give you discounts just for adding a vehicle or multiple vehicles to your car insurance policies. 

Don’t miss out on savings for one of the most important and at risk items you own. Link-Hellmuth will help you find the best car insurance to be sure you feel secure with your coverage.