It is estimated that only 37% of renters have a renters insurance policy. As agents who fully understand how valuable a renters insurance policy can be, this is a surprising and concerning statistic. 

Why are so many people saying no to renters insurance? It is clear the benefits of renters insurance are unclear to many and they may be underestimating how much they are putting at risk by not having this affordable coverage.

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Let’s go over the benefits of renter’s insurance so you have a clear understanding of how valuable it can be. 

Renters Insurance Protects your personal property

First and foremost, renters insurance will cover damage done to your personal property. Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings in a covered loss such as a fire, water damage, theft, or vandalism.

Don’t be fooled by telling yourself, “it won’t happen to me”. Accidents and fires in apartment buildings are more common than you may realize. Contrary to what you may think, it would cost a lot to replace everything you own. 

Many people  go without renters insurance because they don’t believe they own anything valuable. You would be surprised. Take a moment to start adding up the cost of all your clothing, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, and more. The numbers add up quickly.

Renter’s Insurance is Affordable

On average, renters insurance only costs about $15 a month. That’s a deal considering it will protect everything you own. You may even be able to get a discount on your car insurance by purchasing renters insurance. That’s more money saved!

Renters Insurance Covers Liability

Renter insurance is about more than just the things you own.

It can also cover your liability expenses if someone gets hurt in your apartment. Imagine someone tripping on a rug and falling causing a head injury or broken bones. Your renter’s insurance will probably cover some legal costs. And even if they don’t sue you, your insurance can cover certain medical expenses for your injured guest.

Renters Insurance is Accessible 

Renter’s insurance is easy to obtain, especially through our agents at Link-Hellmuth Insurance. Within just a few minutes we can have you on your way to becoming a more responsible renter. 

Renters Insurance in Springfield, Ohio is easy to buy!

Why not give yourself that peace of mind?