If you are a parent, you know a big part of your day-to-day life involves driving car loads of children all around town. From grocery pick-ups to school, soccer practice, and play dates. You may be feeling like a glorified taxi cab at this point. 

Knowing that you spend so much time on the road and in a car with your children, it is important to be aware of how to keep them safe on the go. You can’t control what other drivers on the road do, but you can do everything you can to be sure your kids and all the passengers inside your vehicle are as safe as possible. 

Let’s take a look at some child safety guidelines for in the car and on the road. As a bonus, following these tips will help model safe driving practices for your kids for that fateful day when they are the ones behind the wheel.

Buckle Up

Buckle your seatbelt and your kid’s seat belt every time you are in the car. It doesn’t matter how short of a drive you have, modeling this habit when they are young will help them stay safe for years to come. 

Follow all safe seat belt guidelines. This means only one child per seat belt, and no lap sitting. Children should utilize booster seats if needed for a seatbelt to fit properly. 

Use proper child safety restraints

Follow all necessary guidelines when it comes to car seats and safety restraints. Be sure to track your child’s weight and height as the type of car seat they should be in will depend on those stats. That means age does not matter when it comes to car seats, it is all about your child’s size. 

Utilize child safety locks

When your kids are in the car with you, you should activate the child safety locks for doors and windows. This will prevent them from being able to open doors or windows while the car is in motion and potentially a dangerous situation. 

Avoid snacking or eating in the car

We know this one is easier said than done. Kids love snacks and oftentimes when you’re on the go the car feels like the only opportunity you have to fill their bellies. Snacking in the backseat of a car presents a huge safety risk. If a child chokes, you may not be able to see or hear them let alone be able to help them in a timely manner. 

Check the back seat

Get in the habit of always checking the back seat before you exit your car. It may seem unlikely but parents can get swept up in the rush and easily leave a quiet or sleeping child in their car by accident. 

Keep the car locked

When your car is parked in the driveway or garage always keep it locked. This is good for preventing theft but also prevents children from playing in or around the car unattended. 

Never leave children unattended

It can be tempting to leave your child in the car while you run into the store, but we advise against this. It doesn’t take long for something to go wrong with a child unattended in the car. Car theft or kidnapping is a major concern. Additionally, a child playing in a car can shift a gear causing it to move or be involved in an accident 

Teach kids how to be safe passengers

Teach your kids from a young age what it looks like to ride in the car. Emphasize being calm, playing with non-distracting toys, and being quiet. We know sometimes the car can feel chaotic with kids, but small steps towards a calm car will make it safer for everyone.

Teach kids about safe pedestrian practices

It is also important to practice safety outside of the car. Teach your kids how to be mindful when walking in a parking lot, on a sidewalk, past driveways, and crossing the street. Children should never assume a car can see them. 

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