As winter and the holiday season are fast approaching, Everyone is getting ready to escape the cold within the comforts of their own homes. Many would agree there is nothing like snuggling up by a warm fire, with hot cocoa, watching a holiday movie. 

There are many risks that can come with enjoying this winter season within your home. Nothing will ruin a warm, cozy movie night like a house fire. And nothing with take the joy out of your holiday season like having to repair fire damage. 

Protect your home and the merriment of your holiday season by being aware of the fire hazards within your home this winter. 

Candles and fireplaces

We see homeowners utilize candles and fireplaces much more often in the winter than in the summer months. Whether your entertaining or enjoying a quiet night in, it is important to never leave your fireplace or candles unattended. Even in a house full of people, it is possible for an unattended candle or fireplace to start a fire that will spread quickly.

Holiday decor

From holiday lights covering your home to both real and artificial trees, festive holiday decor can introduce a whole new set of fire hazards to your home. Many decor items are either highly flammable or use a large amount of electrical power, making them the culprit of far too many house fires.

Heating equipment

Aside from a fireplace, other heating equipment can also introduce fire hazards to your home. Be sure to have your furnace inspected each year before you begin to use it each season. Make sure the area around your furnace is clean and free of any flammable materials. 

If you utilize a space heater, be sure your space heater is plugged in to a wall outlet and not an extension cord. Also be sure to keep your heater clean and never leave it plugged in when your not in the room. 

Holiday cooking

Many families spend much of the holiday season in their kitchens. Baking in the oven, cooking soups in the crock pot, and stirring hot cocoa on your stove are all fun traditions that can also become dangerous. Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re cooking and never leave your home with the stove, oven, or crock pot unattended. 

We hope this winter season you feel safe and warm within your home. Nothing will help you feel protected from these risks like the right homeowners insurance policy. While it is important to do what your can to be safe and be aware of fire hazards, we all know sometimes disaster strikes and there is nothing we can do about it. 
If you find yourself with a house fire this winter, homeowners insurance around Springfield, Ohio will ensure even the most unfortunate situation wont take all the joy of your holiday season!