Whether you have recently purchased a new car or are simply updating your auto insurance policy you will come across an opportunity to list all known drivers. 

What does this mean? This means you are disclosing to your insurance company anyone else, in addition to yourself who may be driving your car. Sometimes it can be tricky to know who is or isn’t necessary to list as a driver on your policy. Your partner? Your mom? The babysitter?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the consequences of undisclosed drivers and gain a greater understanding of how your Springfield, Ohio auto insurance may apply to drivers other than yourself.

What is an Undisclosed Driver?

An undisclosed driver is categorized as anyone who is driving your car but isn’t listed on your auto insurance policy. When you get an auto insurance quote or anytime you update your insurance you have the opportunity to also update the drivers on your policy. But, is it really necessary to list EVERYONE?

Who Should Be Listed on Your Car Insurance Policy?

Need some direction on who should be listed on your policy? If any of the following apply to you, they should likely be listed on your policy:

  • Children who have an active driver’s license; including children away at school
  • Spouses and legal partners
  • Any household member who regularly operates your vehicle
  • Anyone who shares ownership of your vehicle

Also, consider anyone else who has regular access to drive your vehicle. This may include a roommate, relatives, babysitter, or nanny. Regular access may be defined as anyone who drives your car at least twice a month.

If you still have questions, you can always ask a member of our team at Link-Hellmuth Insurance. 

What Happens When Undisclosed Drivers Get in an Accident?

Listing all drivers is important because the consequences of allowing undisclosed drivers to drive your car can have a lasting impact on your insurance coverage and finances. The risks of an undisclosed driver include:

  • If an undisclosed driver is involved in an accident, there’s a chance that your car insurance won’t cover the losses or damages to your vehicle. 
  • A policy without all drivers won’t be accurately represented in your rate. If your insurer discovers other drivers, you may see an unexpected rate change—which isn’t ideal for you or your wallet.
  • Some car insurance companies may choose to drop you as a customer if you didn’t disclose all drivers during your initial quote phase or when a driver started operating your vehicle regularly.

Is It Time To Update?

After reading this, you may have realized you need to update the drivers on your Springfield, Ohio auto insurance policy. Who’s listed? Who’s not? Who can be removed? Who needs to be added? Listed drivers equal covered drivers.

 To review your coverage, update drivers, or even explore new coverage options contact Link-Hellmuth Insurance today.