Home insurance is unquestionably something every homeowner should have. In fact, for most homeowners, they’re likely required to have it. But not all insurance policies are created equal, and the insurance provider that’s best for one person might not be the best for another. 

To ensure that you’re getting the insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford, it might be in your best interest to switch insurance companies. Though home insurance policies are written out for a year, you can actually switch companies at any time.  

That doesn’t mean you should go out and switch companies right this second. But it is worth considering. The first question you should ask yourself is… 

Did You Shop Around? 

Insurance premiums can vary greatly from company to company, as does the specific coverage they provide. If you simply went with the first insurance company you stumbled upon, you may be overpaying, or you could be under covered (or both). In any insurance situation, you should always get quotes from multiple companies and compare the coverage they offer. 

Even if you did shop around when you first signed up for your current insurance policy, and that was the best option at the time, it’s important to remember that… 

Life Changes 

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of your insurance premium. As your life changes, the cost of insurance through other providers may change as well. It’s also possible that you more coverage than you initially did. 

If you’ve recently gotten married, had a child, performed notable renovationsswitched homes, purchased a second home, or made any other notable life changes, it’s worth taking a second look at your home insurance policy. You should also be bundling your insurance policies. If you switch cars, and your car insurance costs are significantly affected, it may be time to take your home and car insurance policies elsewhere. 

Lastly, if you start renting out any part of your home, even if it’s a spare room, you may need to amend your current policy. 

How to Get Better Coverage for the Best Price 

Many people stick with the same insurance provider year after year because they simply don’t want to go through the process of contacting multiple companies, juggling quotes, and figuring out what is and isn’t covered. Thankfully, shopping for new home insurance and switching companies doesn’t have to be complicated. 

All you need is an experienced insurance agent. 

At Link-Hellmuth, our insurance agents have been helping Ohio residents save many and get the coverage they need for over 123 years. We make it simple to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. For all of your insurance needs, including home insurance in Springfield, Ohio, contact LinkHellmuth today!