It’s no secret that if you own a car, you must have car insurance. However, did you know your job affects your auto insurance rates? If not, you’ll enjoy these little-known facts about car insurance and how they affect your auto insurance rates.

Low Profile Cars Often Reduce Rates

Purchasing a car with low-risk (determined by the cost of the vehicle, safety, and theft data), can significantly lower your insurance rates. If your vehicle is viewed as low-profile, it’s often less likely to be stolen. The flashier the car, often the high prices you will incur on your auto insurance, so it’s important to keep that in mind during your purchase.

Marriage is a Car Insurance Saver

Often with marriage, you’re doubling the price of everything, you can expect in the car insurance world. Married drivers on average have fewer accidents than single adults and there forget married discounts due to lower risks.

Your Profession Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

There are specific jobs that get discounted rates because they are viewed as more responsible. Also, in some situations, teachers can sometimes get discounted rates based on their occupations. It’s worth exploring in your call to see if you apply for this option.

Car Insurance often doesn’t cover items in vehicle theft

It often depends on your policy, but if your car is broken into personal items often are not covered by your auto insurance. Typically, your homeowner policy will include these items instead. If your car insurance doesn’t cover these personal items, you should carry an updated rider to cover the experience you have. Also, it is wise to take pictures of those items.

We hope you found these a little interesting and insightful. If you’re looking for car insurance in Springfield, Ohio, give us a call at Link-Hellmuth Insurance for a free quote today. Let’s get you the car insurance that’s right for you.