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Insuring a Leased Vehicle

For some people, leasing a car can offer some distinct advantages. First and foremost, it comes with a much lower out of pocket expense. Additionally, the monthly payments on a lease tend to be lower than a traditional car loan payments. While you don’t get ownership of the vehicle, and you’ll have a cap on the miles you can drive, lease […]

Should I Switch Car Insurance Companies?

Almost everyone would like to pay less money for their car insurance. Unfortunately, there isn’t one insurance company that is automatically cheaper for everyone. The cost of car insurance from a particular company is highly situation, depending on where you live, what you drive, what your record is, and more.  The cheapest company for one driver may be different […]

Understanding the Differences Between Commercial and Personal Auto Insurance

Do you have a vehicle that you use for work in some capacity? You’ll want to make sure you have it ensured properly. A personal auto insurance policy might not be enough. In fact, work use could invalidate a personal plan. You can’t expect a business owner policy (BOP) to bridge the gap either.  While a BOP provides coverage […]

Winter Car Care

We all know winter weather is bound to happen every year, yet we all find ourselves a little surprised and a little discouraged when the temperatures drop and that first snowfall appears. Many find themselves having to acclimate to the winter weather and all that comes along with it. We have to remember to leave […]

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

If you own a car, you need car insurance. It’s as simple as that. This means the car insurance industry is constantly growing and evolving as the need continues to grow. When you begin to search for car insurance, you may feel lost amongst all the different insurance companies and the deals and bundles that […]