For Springfield, Ohio residents, having car insurance isn’t simply a good idea; it’s required by law. If you have a car, you must have car insurance to protect both your car and yourself. While most people have some sort of car insurance plan, only a small amount of people are taking advantage of the many ways they can save money on their car insurance.

Are you one of many paying too much for your car insurance? Let us, at Link-Hellmuth Insurance, save you money on one of your life’s necessities. Here’s how you could start saving today.

Know what discounts to look for

There are many way for you to save money on car insurance that insurance companies don’t advertise. This means not everyone is aware of different discounts they may be able to receive.

For instance, did you know your car insurance will most likely be cheaper if you own a traditional four door car versus a two door sports car? In the eyes of an insurance company, a sports car is seen as more risky. Additionally, things like your age and gender can also affect your prices.

Knowing these small details will help you know what discounts to look for and help you make smart decisions.

Stay up to date on car maintenance

Taking care of your car will help you save money on car insurance. Always stay up to date on items like oil changes, tire tread, and tire rotation. Taking care of these simple car maintenance tasks will save you time and money. When your car is taken care of it can be more reliable in preventing accidents due to maintenance issues like inadequate tire tread.

Practice safe driving

This one should be obvious, but you still see people rolling through stop signs and texting while driving every day. Being a safe driver will always protect yourself, others, and your car. The fewer accidents you are involved in the lower your car insurance will cost. Safe drivers are eligible for discounts that don’t apply to those with many accidents on their record.

Use an insurance agent

Now, we understand this is alot to keep track of. At Link-Hellmuth we don’t expect you to handle it on your own. Our insurance agents have one goal: to find you cheap car insurance in Springfield, Ohio. This means knowing the ins and outs of the insurance industry to be sure you are getting every discount you may be eligible for.

When you use our insurance agents you can rest easy knowing they are heard at work getting you the best protection and saving you money along the way!