When you purchase a home you take on a big responsibility. It can be a bit scary or overwhelming to think about how much you now rely on that home for. You expect that home to protect your family and your belongings. Your home should give you a sense of security and comfort.

So what happens when your home and sense of security is victim to elements that are beyond your control when storm damage destroys your roof, rain floods your basement, a pipe suddenly burst, or fire spreads to your home?

The good news is, although these incidents may be beyond your control, you are not completely powerless. Having home insurance coverage that will protect you in the unpredictable moments is the best way to regain your sense of security and comfort in your home.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing home insurance to ensure you’ll be covered when disaster strikes.

Understand your policy

It’s important to fully understand what you are getting yourself into. When you select a home insurance policy take time to read it thoroughly and ask questions. Our agents at Link-Hellmuth have years of experience helping homeowners understand and feel comfortable with selecting the best insurance plan for their home.

Two types of damage

Know what type of damage will be covered under your Specific Policy. There are two types of home disasters. The first is damage created by an ongoing problem such as a slow leaking pipe. this could have been prevented with regular home maintenance so this kind of damage to your home will probably not be covered under most home insurance policies.

The second type of damage is a sudden incident, such as a pipe burst. This is something that could not have been prevented from basic home maintenance and is out of your control. This kind of damage will most likely be covered under your policy.

Maintain your home

With that said, the importance of home maintenance should not be ignored. Keeping a clean, well kept home will save your time, money, and piece of mind. Fixing the little problems when they come up could prevent you from a disaster. Protect yourself from being in a situation like this by keeping up with your regular home maintenance.

Take the fear and stress of the unknown away with home insurance in Springfield, Ohio. You will no longer feel helpless against elements that are beyond your control. With the right home insurance policy, the security and control will be back in your hands.