Few things bring down the joy of driving a new car like discovering it costs significantly more to insure than your previous vehicle. Insurance is a necessary and important part of owning or leasing a car, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your budget. When shopping for a new car, an important yet often overlooked step is to check the average insurance cost for the vehicles you’re considering. 

Most people know that luxury and performance vehicles tend to come with higher insurance premiums. However, even vehicles within similar price ranges can have notable differences in how much they cost to insure. Why is this? Let’s take a look! 

Car Details That Affect Insurance 

There are a number of factors that play into how insurance premiums are calculated. Your driving record, where you live, and what you’re using the vehicle for all contribute to the cost your insurance. However, unless you have a very colorful driving record, it’s the make, model, and year of a car that affect insurance costs the most.  

Here’s why… 


New vehicles look great, and they provide you with more options to choose from. This, however, comes at a cost. In addition to a larger sticker price, new vehicles typically come with higher insurance premiums. This is because they’re worth more money. If a new car it totaled, it’s going to cost more to replace it than it would to replace a used vehicle. 

Additionally, policies for new cars typically include things like gap coverage. This protects you from becoming upside down on what you still owe vs. what the car is worth.  

Potential Repair Cost 

Some cars are more expensive to repair than others. This could be due to the availability of parts, the cost of parts, the rate charged by mechanics who specialize in that brand, and more. Additionally, some cars simply require more maintenance and are more prone to breakdowns.  

Because of these reasons, you can typically expect luxury car brands to cost more to insure. Additionally, European brands like Volkswagen can be a bit more expensive than comparable American or Asian brands. 


There are a number of car features that can affect your insurance premiums for better or worse. Two door vehicles typically have higher rates than four door vehicles. Advanced safety features, on the other hand, can lower your insurance cost. Conversely, cars that are easy to break into and/or have higher left rates can cost more to insure. 

Getting Quality, Affordable Car Insurance  

As an insurance agency that’s been around as long as people have been driving cars, we understand that many people are going to purchase the vehicle they want to purchase regardless of the estimated insurance costs. That’s why we work hard to get our customers the most affordable insurance possible, no matter what vehicle they’re driving.  

At Link-Hellmuth, we work with you to build a policy that covers your needs, and then we shop that policy around to get the most affordable price availableDon’t let high insurance premiums stop you from driving the car you want. For affordable Springfield, Ohio auto insurance, contact Link-Hellmuth today!