Whether your a first time insurance buyer or have had insurance coverage for years, you have probably had many questions come to mind throughout the process. 

Car insurance is something that should be purchased with a lot of thought and research. Unfortunately, many people make this decision on the fly, as it is something you must have in order to drive a car. 

Read on to get the answers to some of the most common questions we all have about purchasing car insurance. 

Is is illegal to not have car insurance?

Yes, each state requires every car owner or leaseholder to have a car insurance policy. In order to drive your new or used car off the lot you will most likely need to have proof of insurance. 

Additionally, anytime you get pulled over or ticketed, you will also need to show proof of insurance. There could be hefty fines involved for those who choose to drive without car insurance, not to mention what it may cost you if you get in an accident without any coverage. 

So while it may be legally mandated, it is in every car owners best interest to purchase car insurance coverage. 

How much car insurance coverage do I need?

In order to avoid any legal ramifications you need to have the legal minimum coverage for your state. This may not always be enough coverage based on your personal situation. Look into what is covered under your state’s minimum requirements to decide if it will be enough should you get in an accident that causes your car to be damaged.

There are different types of car insurance?

Yes, many people are surprised to find out all the different types of car insurance coverage that can be purchased. Liability, personal injury, collision, and comprehensive are all examples of the types of insurance coverage that could be beneficial to you.

What personal details affect my car insurance rates?

You may also be surprised that some of your personal details will affect your car insurance rates. Insurance companies use details such as your age, gender, marital status, and driving record to determine risk. Companies want to determine how likely you are to get in an accident before they determine your rate. 

What does it mean to bundle insurance?

You hear the term “bundling” when talking about insurance all the time. Bundling insurance simply means you use the same insurance company for multiple different insurance policies such as home and auto. The more policies you bundle with one insurance provider the better rate you may be able to get.

How do I get a better rate on my car insurance?

There are multiple ways to save money on car insurance, but you have to be proactive. This is where our agents at Link- Hellmuth Insurance come in to find you cheap car insurance near Springfield, Ohio

Working with an agent will give you the advantage of having an expert in the field on your side. Our agents know all the different ways they can use your personal details and history to your benefit by finding you lower rates than you would be able to find on your own.

Don’t settle for the first car insurance quote you get on the internet. Our agents bring a personal touch to the insurance buying process that almost always result in a lower rate for you!