When you think about insuring your business, there are a few different types of insurance policies that should be considered. Most people know they need property insurance or general liability insurance (or both) but one important insurance policy that often gets forgotten is commercial auto insurance. 

Not all businesses need commercial auto insurance, however, if any part of your business utilizes a vehicle, commercial auto insurance should be considered. For example, if you are operating a business out of your vehicle, delivering products, driving to multiple job sites, or have employees driving your vehicles, you will definitely want to purchase commercial auto insurance. 

How will commercial auto insurance benefit my business?

Your commercial auto insurance will protect your business much like a personal auto insurance policies protects you, personally. Commercial auto insurance, however, has a few extra areas it will protect. If you insure your work trucks, your commercial auto insurance policy will not only cover any bodily harm and the truck in the event of an accident but it can also cover any work equipment attached to your truck.

In the event of an accident, you will want your employees and business assets and equipment protected. Adding commercial auto insurance to your business insurance near Springfield, Ohio will be beneficial to you as a business owner.

Who needs commercial auto insurance?

Businesses that should always have commercial auto insurance include tow trucks, work trucks, food trucks, delivery vehicles, taxi and uber drivers, landscapers, and contractors. If you find yourself owning a business in one of these fields or think your business could benefit from commercial auto insurance contact our agents at Link-Hellmuth insurance today!

Our agents have years of experience helping business owners navigate which insurance policies will be beneficial to their unique business and often times are able to get you, as the business owner, great insurance coverage at the best price!

Don’t get caught in a crisis without the proper insurance policies. Set your business up for success with the right insurance coverage!