The Holiday season is here! It is likely this month is filled with travel, family, friends, parties, gifts, and lots of good food. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Unfortunately, the joy of the season can quickly be extinguished as holiday celebrations come with additional risks that might result in an insurance claim. No one wants to spend their Holiday on the phone with an insurance agent.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common holiday-related insurance claims and how you can avoid them this time of year. 

Fire Damage

This time of year we see an increase in fire hazards around everyone’s homes. The cold weather inspires people to light candles, bake in their ovens, utilize their fireplaces, and plug-in electric blankets or space heaters. 

There are hazards all around!

 Doing these things doesn’t guarantee you will have a fire as long as you do so safely. Make sure your tree, gifts, and other flammable objects are placed away from outlets, space heaters, candles, and other fire sources. Use outlets appropriately and be sure your cords are free of damage. Never leave kitchen appliances on when you are gone. 


During the Holidays people tend to engage in risky activities just to make the season bright. This includes climbing on their roof to hang lights, standing on tall ladders to deck the halls, consuming more alcohol at holiday parties, or using dangerous methods to cook a turkey. All this can lead to an accident and injury. 

In order to combat injury this time of year, always use a buddy when changing lights or climbing on ladders, monitor your alcohol consumption, and keep walkways clear of ice and snow.


Increased travel and Holiday gatherings mean you may be away from your house more than usual. Unfortunately, it is well known that houses tend to sit empty this time of year and thieves may take advantage of this. 

It can be especially important to have a security system this time of year so you can monitor any activity at your home while you are away. Motion-activated lights can be effective in scaring away intruders. Always make sure you secure valuables and thoroughly lock up your home before leaving for the night. Leave a few lights on within your home when you leave. 

Car Accidents

This time of year comes with increased travel for everyone. It also comes with increased road hazards such as ice and snow. That doesn’t make a great combination. 

To avoid holiday driving accidents, be sure to keep your car well maintained for winter driving, never drive tired or impaired, keep an emergency kit in your car, and keep your gas tank full. Now is a good time to review your auto insurance in Springfield, Ohio to ensure you’re properly covered. 

Insurance in Springfield, Ohio

An accident, injury, fire, or theft over the Holidays can really derail your Holiday Joy. Luckily, if you have the proper insurance coverage it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Give yourself peace of mind this Holiday season by reviewing your coverage and making safe choices all season long.