Do you own or rent a home/condo/apartment? Do you have personal possessions?

If you said yes to both of these questions, then you should definitely have home insurance.

All it takes is one break-in, fire, or act of God, and everything you own can be gone. While insurance can’t replace sentimental items, it can compensate you for lost valuables and allow you to start over.

The best part is, home and renter’s insurance is very affordable. For a low monthly fee, you can cover a surprisingly large amount of possessions.

And if you have car insurance, it’s even cheaper.

Why You Should Bundle Your Home and Car Insurance

If you own a car, and you don’t live in New Hampshire or Virginia, you’re legally obligated to have car insurance. It’s not worth the risk of trying to drive without it, as you could face both legal penalties and serious damage expenses, should you get into an accident.

The good news is, you can bundle your car insurance and your home insurance together under a single provider, saving you a nice amount of money while receiving the same quality insurance. You could save up to 30% or more.

Have more vehicles? Maybe a motorcycle or a boat? These can all be bundled for even further savings.

How Do I Start Saving Money?

The best way to get started and save money on insurance is to talk to a professional. Rates vary from state to state and situation to situation. The best provider for one person might not be the best choice for the next. An insurance agent will do the shopping for you, comparing rates and services from different companies to find the option that’s right for you.

At Link-Hellmuth, we work with the top insurance providers in Ohio to make sure you get the best coverage for an incredible rate.

We will advise you on bundling opportunities and save you as much money as possible. For home and car insurance in Springfield, Ohio and the surrounding area, contact Link-Hellmuth today!