You shouldn’t look at car insurance as something you have to have. Sure, you’re required by law to have car insurance in 48 states, but even if that weren’t the case, you should have car insurance anyway. 

Cars are powerful machines that move along each other at very fast speeds. A lot can go wrong, and when it does, insurance comes to the rescue to make sure the people (and vehicles) involved in the accident are taken care of. 

That doesn’t mean you have to break your back trying to pay for it. There’s a lot of ways you can get an adequate car insurance policy for an affordable price. Here are some tips. 

Be a Safe, Law Abiding Driver 

The first way isn’t exactly a secret, but it’s probably the best way to save money on car insurance. Causing accidents raises your premiums. Having tickets on your record raises your premiums. By remaining accident and ticket free, you can keep your costs down. 

So drive responsibly. 

Bundle Your Car Insurance with Home or Renter’s Insurance 

Do you have home or renter’s insurance? If so, make sure it’s bundled with your car insurance. When bundled, renter’s insurance especially can almost pay for itself. 

For those who don’t have home or renter’s insurance, you should consider signing up for it. All it takes is one break-in or accident, and you could lose all of your possessions. 

Choose a Plan that Makes Sense for Your Car 

Car insurance plans have a lot of flexibility and options you can add or remove. Depending on where you live, where you drive, and how much your car is worth, you should adjust your plan to match.  

You want to make sure you have enough coverage, but you also don’t want to pay for more than you need. For example, if your car is worth less than $1000, and your deductible is $500 or more, you might not need collision protection. 

Consider Changing Your Deductible 

A deductible on any insurance plan can be intimidating. You know that if something goes wrong, you’re going to have to pay that amount before insurance kicks in. But, if you remain accident free, you will never pay that deductible.  

The monthly premium, on the other hand, always has to be paid. 

By increasing your potential deductible, you can decrease the cost of recurring premium, which could save you money in the long run. Whatever your deductible ends up being, make sure it’s an amount of money you’ll have on hand, should you need it. 

Choose the Right Car 

The type of car you have has a big effect on how much your insurance costs. Newer cars have higher premiums. Sporty cars have higher premiums. If you’re looking to pay less on insurance, consider a modest car that’s a few years old. 

Shop Around 

You should never run with the first insurance company you find. Different companies determine rates in different ways. That means the company that offers the best price for one person might cost more for another.  

Without comparing, you could end up paying considerably more for the same coverage. 

Of course, you don’t have to do the shopping yourself. 

Use an Insurance Agency 

With a professional insurance agent at your side, your insurance shopping is taken care of. Going through an insurance agency costs the same as going directly to the insurance provider. The difference is you have someone working for you and your interests, while educating you on policies and options. 

At Link-Hellmuth, we deal with the top insurance providers in the state, allowing us to find the best car insurance rates in Springfield, Ohio. Contact us today, and we’ll start working to help you save on your car insurance policy.