When you shop for auto insurance, it can be overwhelming. Between coverage required by law and additional add-ons galore, it can be hard to know what coverage you need and which options may be a waste of money. 

This is where a trusted insurance agent comes in handy. If you are questioning your auto insurance coverage our team at Link-Hellmuth strives to be a trusted resource to our community when it comes to securing Springfield, Ohio auto Insurance. 

Looking for the basics? Let’s take a look at what goes into some of the most basic or common auto insurance policies

Liability Bodily Injury & Property Damage

The foundation of all Car Insurance policies is always Liability Insurance. This is what pays for your mishaps! Liability Insurance is coverage that kicks in to cover another person in an accident when the accident was your fault. Let’s say you ran a red light and sideswiped an oncoming car. The collision caused damage to their front bumper, your Liability Property Damage Insurance is going to pay to fix their car, so that you are not paying out of your own pocket. Let’s say in the same accident, the driver in the other car was injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Your Liability Bodily Injury Insurance will pay bills up to the selected limits on your policy.

Uninsured Motorist & Underinsured Motorist

Ever wonder what happens when someone else runs a red light and hits your car, and they are not carrying insurance at the time? If you have this coverage and someone else causes an accident that you’re involved in, this coverage is going to kick in and cover your medical expenses and any damage to your car up to the selected limits on your policy. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage is part of what makes up the Full Coverage portion of your Car Insurance. Comprehensive is going to cover a long list of risks that could happen to your vehicle not occurring in an actual car accident. Risks covered are going to be fire, flood, wind, hail, a tree falls on your car, theft or vandalism, and even deer accidents. 

Collision Coverage

This is the biggest part of what makes up your Full Coverage. Collision Coverage is what protects your car against any collision accident that you are involved in. Whether you hit another vehicle or slammed into a mailbox, Collision Coverage is going to put your car back together. You will always have a Collision Deductible for you to pay before the insurance kicks in.

Springfield, Ohio Auto Insurance

Together this creates a really well-rounded auto insurance policy. There is always room for customization based on your personal needs. Contact our team today to be sure you are getting the best auto insurance coverage at the best price!