Having homeowners insurance is essential when disaster strikes. This is especially true for natural disasters that affect the integrity of the outside of your home. Your roof is one of the most important factors in protecting your home from further damage. Insurance companies know how effective a roof can be in preventing damage, for this reason, the condition of your roof is of great interest to them.

Typically when your roof is damaged by wind, hail, water, or other certain situations, the repair or replacement of your roof will be covered. When left unrepaired, the damage could continue to worsen and affect other areas of the home.

Will Your Roof Damage Be Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Springfield Ohio?

Depending on your home insurance policy in Springfield, Ohio you may be wondering if your roof damage will be covered. The exact answer will vary depending on your individual circumstances and policy.

Generally, when severe damage occurs as a result of events that are out of your hands, it will be covered. This can include vandalism, fire, and severe storm damage such as tornadoes or hurricanes.

More mild weather damage such as damage from hail, wind, or rain may vary in its eligibility to be covered based on your policy.

Damage that is caused by improper maintenance or the fault of the homeowner will not be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. If your roof is over 20 years old, it also may no longer qualify for coverage. Older roofs run the risk of unseen issues such as moisture collection. For this and other reasons, you will likely need a home inspection when purchasing a home owner’s insurance policy.

Maintaining Your Roof For Homeowners Insurance

The best way to ensure your roof will be covered in the event of a disaster is to keep up on regular maintenance. A few broken shingles here and there or small leaks may not seem like a big deal, but failing to address small problems when they come up could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Insurance companies know the roof is the gateway to a lot of damage within the home. Both homeowners and insurance companies alike see the value in a well maintained or repaired roof.

For any questions regarding your home insurance policy and roof repair coverage, contact our team at Link-Hellmuth Insurance. We can answer any questions you may have regarding your homeowners insurance policy.