This spring, tornadoes and other severe storms have been sweeping across the country. This has left many communities and families left to pick up the rubble left in their wake. Luckily, those with homeowners insurance are able to receive financial help and resources when putting their homes back together and repairing damage. 

Some homeowners, however, run into a few surprises along the way when it comes to navigating their home insurance policies.

We have listed a few unexpected situations that families run into after a storm. It is our hope if you read these now, it will help you be best prepared if disaster ever comes your way through a severe storm. 

Catastrophe claims can take awhile to be processed

What many homeowners don’t think about is that when a storm hits their home, it hits many other homes in the area. This means insurance companies get multiple claims all at once. A good insurance company will give each claim the time and attention it deserves, which means it could be a slower process.

This process is for your best interest and will ensure you are getting the best coverage for the damage. So be patient with your insurance company in times of catastrophe and know that they are doing their due diligence to process everyone’s claims properly. 

FEMA living expenses are secondary & temporary

If a storm hits your home that is classified as a disaster, grants would be approved for FEMA to pay for temporary living expenses. If you have a homeowners insurance policy, however, this should still be your primary source of assistance.

FEMA will only pay after Insurance, so even in the event of a classified disaster you will still need to file a claim with your insurance company.

Volunteer clean up can hinder your insurance claim

Usually in times of disaster, such as after a tornado or severe storm, you see communities come together in the most beautiful ways. Volunteers will pour into communities to help with clean up efforts. 

While these volunteers mean well, sometimes they can hinder an insurance claim process. Removing damage or debris too soon can erase evidence that it was ever there.  

Many homeowners are underinsured for storm damage

Unfortunately, many homeowners file for an insurance claim after a severe storm, only to find out they aren’t covered for the damage that was inflicted on their home. In this case, because their policies were not large enough, homeowners were unable to rebuild or repair damage.

At Link-Hellmuth it is our mission to be sure our clients never find themselves in this position. We are sure to analyze the risk for your specific home and use our expertise on home insurance around Springfield, Ohio to be sure you will be covered for any storm that may come through the area!