How do you know what type of auto insurance you need? It can be helpful to learn from those who have gone before you. If you are new to purchasing auto insurance or looking to update your coverage you will want to consult a trusted and experienced auto insurance agent for expert advice. Our team is always available for auto insurance near Springfield, Ohio, and beyond.

It can also be helpful to know what types of auto insurance claims are filed most commonly.

What type of insurance coverage needs do car owners find themselves needing most?

In this post we will go over the most common auto insurance claims in hopes that better helps you be prepared should you find you need to file a claim, hopefully, you will be covered!

Minor accidents

More than anything else, we see auto insurance claims come through for minor car accidents such as fender benders. These claims usually include minimal car damage and no personal injuries.

Windshield glass damage

Windshields being made of glass make them one of the most fragile surfaces on a car, so it’s no surprise windshield damage is a common auto insurance claim. Windshield damage can result from something as simple as a stone propelled from the car in front of you or an accident or crash.


Depending on where you live, vandalism may be more prevalent in some areas than others. Car vandalism can include intentional damage with something like a baseball bat, or your car being keyed, broken into, or otherwise vandalized.

Weather Damage

Since your vehicle likely spends a great deal of time exposed to the elements, sometimes weather events such as storms, wind, hail, floods and more can cause damage to your car. Drivers who live in areas prone to extreme storms should take additional steps to protect their vehicles.

Single-vehicle accidents

Collisions with inanimate objects are among the most frequent claims. Many unfortunate drivers suffer collisions with objects such as light poles, guardrails, or mailboxes.

Auto Insurance Near Springfield, Ohio

If you have never had to file any of the auto insurance claims above, you are lucky! Any of these incidents are relatively minor and can happen to anyone. To be sure you are covered by contacting an experienced agent at Link-Hellmuth today.