It’s a big day when your teenager passes their driver’s test! Your child is no longer dependent on you to get them from point A to point B. But it’s not all fun and games.

Having a new teenage driver in your house can be nerve-racking, with their safety being your number one concern. Link-hellmuth Insurance is a local insurance company that takes the safety of teenage drivers very seriously. We have all the information on protecting teenage drivers through the proper insurance coverage!

Creating safe drivers

Many of our insurance plans have incentives that will help motivate the new driver in your family to make safe choices on the road. The longer a driver goes without any accidents or tickets the more you will save on insuring them.

We are happy to explain this incentive to both you and your teenage driver, it is important all drivers feel responsible for making safe choices as they drive. This means not using a phone or texting while driving, not drinking and driving, and obeying all traffic rules and laws. We want to help encourage your driver to make positive choices by reminding them of both the rewards and consequences on the road.

Roadside assistance for drivers

All the insurance providers we work with have roadside assistance as an option for teenage drivers. As a parent, you know you can’t always be with your student on the road. Knowing they can have immediate help in any roadside emergency, will give you a much needed sense of peace.

Many of our providers offer roadside assistance for free with full coverage packages! We would love to help you add roadside assistance to your insurance coverage, and maybe even help you get a little sleep at night knowing your child is taken care of!

Insurance savings for teenage drivers

In addition to keeping a clean driving record, we have additional ways parents can save when insuring teenage drivers. Students with a gpa of 3.0 or higher are eligible for insurance discounts. We want to encourage students to not only drive safely but be making responsible choices in all areas of life, including schoolwork!

If your new driver is driving less than 7,500 miles a year they are also eligible for a low mileage discount. If your child simply drives to and from school we understand there is less risk than highway driving and could help  you adjust your insurance costs accordingly.

We can also work with you and your family to bundle your home and auto insurance for a multi policy discount! If you insure all your family cars and home with the same insurance provider you could be eligible for savings!

Link-hellmuth wants to support families with teenage drivers in promoting safe driving practices! We would love to work with your family to find the best car insurance in Springfield, Ohio to make sure everyone you love is well protected!