There is no insurance more important than Life Insurance.

Family is the most important thing in life, and you'd do anything you can to protect your family, but what happens when you are no longer here to protect them?

Life Insurance is how you make sure your family stays protected after your gone, and they are still able to live out their dreams.

Reasons you need life insurance

Paying Off Debt

When you pass away, your debt does not die along with you. It gets inherited by your family; spouse, children, ect. Mortgages, credit cards, student loans, car loans, home equity loans, any and all debt can be a tremendous burden left for your spouse or kids to handle. Life Insurance eliminates that burden so that your debt is not passed along to your loved ones.

Income Replacement

Your family relies on your income. So what happens when you are gone and the income stops? If your lost income is not replaced by Life Insurance, then your children's future can be in jeopardy; college tuition is what's effected the most by the loss of a parent's income. Life Insurance can insure that your children's dreams of going to college are not lost along with you.

Funeral Expense

The biggest initial expense for when someone dies is paying for their final expenses. The majority of your final expense is paying for your funeral. The average cost for a funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. This can be a sudden and shocking experience for the loved ones left behind to handle your final expenses. The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic and stressful experience, the last thing you want a loved one to worry about is money in the time of mourning.


Are you an avid goer of a church, club, organization, non-profit? Do you want to see those organizations you care so deeply for flourish and prosper for when you are gone? Life Insurance is a way for you to insure that your passion for the organization is on going, even after you are gone. Through a Life Insurance policy, you can donate and endow any given amount of money to an organization of your choice.


Breaking Your Money Down

Everyday Money
This money is used to pay current living expenses like food, clothing, medical bills, mortgages, school supplies, house bills.

Someday Money
This is money that might be needed in the future like a second home, kid's tuition, travel, investments.

Never Money
This is money that is planned as a gift to a spouse, children, or a favorite charity.


A Better Investment Option than your CD

Here is an example of what happens when you turn a CD into a Single Premium Whole Life Policy.

Joe (age 65) has $17,000 sitting in a CD. He plans to leave this money to his daughter as a gift. Lets say Joe takes that $17,000 CD money and buys a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy. His $17,000 would immediately be worth $29,667. This would be an immediate gain of $12,000 and Joe's daughter would receive this money tax free at the time of Joe's death. If the interest rate on the CD was 1.0%, it would have taken 50 years to reach a value of $29,667.


Getting Free Life Insurance Quotes is as easy calling agents Jim Murphy or Greg Rogers and setting an office appointment, or simply exchanging information via phone or email and the agents will call you back or email you back with all of the quote options.